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A Modern Madonnara

Street Painting originated in the Renaissance, when artists would paint images of the Madonna outside of cathedrals.  The term given to these artists- "madonnari"-is still used today by Street Artists.  Modern madonnara Erika Lalita Thurkins is a Pittsburgh-area professional portraitist and national award-winning chalk artist who creates dynamic street art for regional and national festivals, businesses, and events.

If you are planning an event or own a business and are interested in booking a chalk piece, please refer to the below schedule for seasonal availability and send an email to

Follow on Instagram @sylphartstudios for progress shots and additional exclusive content.

2023 Schedule

Chalk Demonstration Fulton Montgomery Community College, Johnstown, NY May 3
Arbor Lakes Chalk Fest Minnesota, MN June 8 & 9 
Newfane Chalk Fest Newfane, NY July 1 

Perry Chalk Fest  Perry, NY July 8 
Cornhill Arts Festival  Rochester, NY July 9
La Strada dei Pastelli  Hillsboro, OR July 14 - 16 Meadville Pride!
  Meadville, PA July 28

Sights & Sounds Festival  Chelsea, MI July 29

Arts Off Main Festival  Cortland, NY Aug 5 (pending) 

Lewiston Chalk Walk  Lewiston, NY Aug 12 (pending)

Chalktoberfest  Marietta, GA Oct 14 & 15 

**Check back often for updates**

Time-lapse from Downtown Canadaigua Arts & Music Festival 2018, courtesies of artist Larry Moss of Airigami.

Footage courtesy of WNY Photography (Brian Fose)

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